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Please join us on Saturday,April 11th from 10:00 am to 3:00 Pm for KIDDING DAY at 亚博滚球appAsgaard 亚博最新app下载Farm & Dairy.There will be lots of adorable baby goats running around - maybe even a birth or two!Come see the animals,tour the property and learn about cheesemaking.Food and refreshments will be served.A great outing for the whole family!!

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With the new year,comes new store hours!To allow our customers and our 亚博最新app下载farmers to sleep in a bit more,we've moved back our store hours on Saturdays.Please visit us from 10am to 2pm every Saturday throughout the year.

Stop in to sample our selection of 亚博最新app下载farmstead goat cheeses,pick up some of our pastured meats,或者只是去看看农场的风景(山羊会很高兴见到你的!亚博最新app下载).We hope see you here at the 亚博最新app下载farm soon!!

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Summer is here and that means 亚博最新app下载farmers markets are in full swing!Stop by and visit us  at the three local 亚博最新app下载farmers markets we attend.Every week we will have a great selection of our award-winning 亚博最新app下载farmstead goat cheeses,grass-fed beef,pastured meats,and our popular goat milk caramels and goat milk soaps.

Lake Placid 亚博最新app下载Farmers Market

Wednesdays through October 22

9:00am to 1pm

Lake Placid Center for the Arts

Saranac Lake 亚博最新app下载Farmers Market

Saturdays through October 11

9:00 am to 2pm

Riverside Park

Keene 亚博最新app下载Farmers Market

Sundays through October 12

9:30am to 2pm

Marcy Airfield

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Happy Spring!!

CSA sign-up season is upon us,and it's not too late to join the 亚博滚球appAsgaard 亚博最新app下载Farm & Dairy CSA!Our year-round meat and dairy CSA provides our members with a guaranteed supply of all the best Asgaard has to offer - pastured pork,100% grass-fed beef,亚博最新app下载farmstead cheeses,pastured chicken,fresh goat milk,and 亚博最新app下载farm fresh eggs.

As we enter the third year of our year-round CSA,we are excited to be offering more options and variety to meet the needs and wants of our members.See our applicationfor detailed information about all of our share options and how to sign up.We only have a handful of spaces available,so if you're interested let us know!!

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Just because the 亚博最新app下载farmers market season is on hiatus,it doesn't mean you can't enjoy our products all year!We will continue to have our aged 亚博最新app下载farmstead goat cheeses (Fet.a.Ccompli and Au Sable Valley Tomme),grass-fed & grass-finished beef,pastured pork and chevon,亚博最新app下载farm fresh eggs,and our handmade goat milk soaps through the winter and spring months.

We are participating in several online markets in our local communities.You can find an array of our products at these markets:

McCollums Market in Saranac Lake - This market runs at the beginning of each month with pick-ups in Saranac Lake on Wednesday evenings.See the website for more details.http://mccollomsmarketsl.locallygrown.net/

Lake Placid Market - This market also runs at the beginning of each month with pick-ups on Main Street in Lake Placid on Wednseday evenings.See the website for more details.http://lakeplacid.locallygrown.net/

Plattsburgh Market - This market runs every other week with pick-ups at the Plattsburgh Winter 亚博最新app下载Farmers Market or Rehoboth Homestead in Peru.http://plattsburgh.locallygrown.net/

Happy Eating!!

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The end of October brings along with it the end of"Goatober"and the No Goat Left Behind (NGLB) project sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.  Asgaard has been a proud participant in this project since its inception.

In a nutshell,NGLB is an effort to encourage more widespread acceptance of goat meat in the American diet.  This,in turn,helps support dairies like ours that otherwise struggle to manage the surplus goat kids born on the 亚博最新app下载farm each spring.

Goat meat is lower in calories,total fat,saturated fat and cholesterol than all the other mainstream meats,including chicken,and it has higher levels of protein and iron.  The flavor of goat meat is mild and vegetal.  The average price makes it pretty affordable.  Although goat is the most widely consumed meat in the world,it rarely makes an appearance in kitchens across this country.  Heritage Foods is on a mission to change that.

我们很高兴为这一目标提供年轻的山羊。在晚春,超过70名儿童(大多数是男性)断奶,然后根据AWA(动物福利批准)指导方针被转移到他们自己的农场特殊角落,在那里他们被饲养。大约一半的山羊在10月份达到市场规模,亚博最新app下载at which point we transport them to an AWA butcher in Eagle Bridge,NY.That's where Heritage Foods comes in.

The company recruits about 50 chefs throughout the NYC metro area to incorporate goat meat dishes into their menus.  (The restaurants represented by these chefs include the likes of Union Square Café,格雷梅西酒馆和莫莫夫库,to name a few.)  These talented people demonstrate that goat meat can be deliciously prepared in a variety of different ways.

We were at The Fat Radish on Orchard Street in Manhattan last Sunday,November 3rd for the final NGLB event of the year - a five-course goat tasting menu and wine pairing.  It was nothing short of a gastronomic delight!Take a look at what we ate:

First Course

Goat Leg Croquette,Green Olives,Greek Yogurt,Cucumbers

Castello di Stefanago Provincia di Pavia IGT,Pinot Grigio 2012 Organic

Second Course

Roasted Neck & Shoulder Stuffed Cabbage,White Quinoa,Garlic Potato Veloute

Domaine de Belle Vue Val de Loire IGP"Miam Miam"Rouge

(Cabernet Franc) 2012 Organic

Third Course

Braised Goat & Soft Polenta

Castello di Stefanago Provincia di Pavia IGT,Croatina 2011 Organic

Fourth Course

Roasted Loin & Leg of Baby Goat,Mashed Potatoes,Roasted Parsnips,Natural Jus

Casina di Cornia Chianti Classico 2010 Organic

Fifth Course

Fennel & Goats Milk Panacotta

Domaine Loic Mahe Coteaux de l'Aubance (Chenin Blanc) 2009 Organic

Fortunately we have plenty of forward-thinking chefs up north who are already working with goat meat.  Tim Loomis (Liquids and Solids),John Vargo (Eat ‘n Meet),Richard Brosseau (Freestyle Cuisine),Dave Hunt (Generations) and Dave Allen (Latitude 44) often have goat dishes on their menus,and we can vouch for how tasty they are.  The next time you see goat at one of these establishments,take the plunge and order it.  You won't be sorry.

Asgaard's next batch of goat meat will be ready to sell toward the end of the year.  Between now and then,we will be collecting favorite recipes and posting them on our website.  Hopefully they will motivate you to embrace this healthy,flavorful food and add it to your own cooking repertoire.

For more information on Heritage Foods USA and the No Goat Left Behind project,check out these useful links.



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Our long-awaited first batch of pork is finally here!Our freezers are full of our popular no-nitrate bacon,a huge array of delicious sausages,juicy pork chops,tasty ribs,and more.

我们的传统品种猪在初春从路易斯的阿迪朗达克传统猪来到农场。亚博最新app下载During the summer and fall months,our pigs enjoy a diet of whey from our creamery,grain grown by one of our local 亚博最新app下载farming friends,and forage from our pastures and woods.The final product is some of the juiciest and most flavorful pork you can imagine.

We tend to sell out of some cuts quickly (especially that yummy bacon!),so stop by our store hours as soon as you can to stock up.As always,we are open on Thursdays from 2pm to 6pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.
See you soon!!
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Summer may be whizzing by,but our freezers are finally fully stocked with our first batch of 100% grass-fed/grass-finished beef of the season!Our Hereford and Angus steers graze all year long on our organically 亚博最新app下载farmed pastures and hay.We have a tasty selection of steaks,kebabs,sausages,ground beef and more!Stop by our store hours on Thursdays from2pm to 6pmand Saturdays from9am to 1pmto stock up.We'll also have a more limited selection available at the local 亚博最新app下载farmers markets - Keene Valley,Saranac Lake and Lake Placid.And fear not - our second batch of beef will be ready in just a few short weeks!!

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